CCTV Drain Surveys and Drain Tracing


CCTV Surveys and Drain Tracing

At Heron Drainage Services Ltd we strive to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction for all our drainage services covering Wigtownshire. As well as High Pressure Water Jetting we also do CCTV Drain Surveys and Drain Tracing.

We can carry out CCTV drain surveys diagnosing and locating drainage problems. CCTV drain surveys are a cost effective method of locating drainage problems such as broken or collapsed pipes, tree roots damage, blockages, making it easy to assess the structural condition.

Once our CCTV drain surveys identify defective pipes, we use the latest drain tracing sonar equipment to accurately pinpoint the exact location together with depth to the nearest cm saving valuable time and money.

CCTV Reports

To determine the condition of drains and locate any problems with the lines we can carry out an inspection with the CCTV drain camera. This involves guiding the specialised CCTV drain camera down the line which enables us to view the drain and produce reports. We then use the locator to determine the exact position and depth of the drain and any points in the line with faults. After viewing the line with the CCTV drain camera we are then able to determine the condition of the drain and assess whether repairs or replacement are required.

Detailed reports can be provided for the customer if required.

Drain Repair

At Heron Drainage Services Ltd we have a wide range of solutions and tools with which to assess, clear, maintain or repair broken, blocked or damaged drains.

Glenluce based

We are a local company based in Glenluce, covering Wigtownshire and surrounding areas.